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Krusial - Prepare for the Worst

KRUSIAL Prepare for the Worst ciptarea record

Artist: Krusial
Title album: Prepare for the Worst

Type: EP
Label: Ciptarea Record and Truth Merch.

Release date: October 10th, 2016
Catalog ID: CR 06 - 06/2016
Format: CD
Version desc.:  CDr limited edition to 100 copies

Recorded at Buzz Studio Musik Cipanas on 2016
Engineered by M. Yusuf and Rizky WR.
Mastered at Buzz Studio Musik Cipanas on 2016
Front cover and insert artwork by Arya Karunia Baskara
Cover layout and design by Kimul

Krusial line ups:
Ridwanedge : vocals
Esuckers : guitars
Andi : guitars
Yepzcrew : bass
Edrawk : drums

1. Prepare for the Worst
2. Bravely
3. Life
4. Waktu
5. Deserve... (you get what you give)
6. "The Speech" (refers to Rocky Balboa)

Krusial - Prepare for the Worst

One of finest hardcore/punk unit from Cipanas.
Sebelumnya yang saya tahu tentang band ini adalah bernama Whoisthehero. Karena jajaran personilnya hampir sama, tapi waktu ditanyakan ke mereka katanya itu beda lagi. Whoisthehero dengan Krusial adalah band yang berbeda, walopun menurut saya dilihat dari personil dan musik yang dimainkannya (hampir) sama, hahahaa.. tapi bodo amatlah itu bukan urusan saya :D
Saya sih cuma mikirnya begini.. mereka ini cukup lama malang melintang manggung sana-sini pake nama Whoisthehero. Pas beres rekording lalu mau dirilis eh pake nama Krusial.
Tapi ya itu tadi jawaban mereka waktu saya tanyakan tentang hal ini. Begitu sodara.. :D
Dan saya angkat jempol saja karena mereka (akhirnya) mau rekording dan merilisnya kedalam sebuah EP. Soalnya sering banget bilang ke mereka, mana nih materinya? Manggung aja rajin, ayo bikin album dong ah. Yang mana selalu dijawab dengan kalimat klise "Iya nanti aja". Hahaa..

Musiknya lumayan asoy, cukup enjoy untuk menemani kalian disaat begadang sambil main gaple.
Old skool hardcore/punk gitu lah. Hehee..
Materinya cari aja sendiri kalo ga salah ada aplodannya di bandcamp.

Krusial - Prepare for the Worst

We live in the world where everything seems like going to be fair
But honestly it's not even close to be, so don't even think about it
One thing that I sure the most is, truth is lie they told us over and over
So in the name of everything you believe you have to prepare for the worst

It smells like shit when the promises we heard,
None of those which fulfilled
But it's not something that needs to us to be worried anymore
And we have to get used to it
Like I told you before, prepare for the worst is the only one choice we've got

God didn't create hatred,
people who made the hatred exist and of course we already know it,
the question is,
will you make the hatred bigger
or you will try to wipe it out
even though it sounds like impossible
but Its worth to try

infinity loyalty is bullshit! I don't fukin believe it anymore
so don't expect to much
hesitation of dedication? I've heard it for a thousand time
so don't expect to much

and now it's time for meto tell you what really happened.
to tell you the real, like it or not this is what is going on
I don't expect you to understand, but here it is,
We know and we realize that promise without evidence already happened often.
don't need to asked again and certainly without a doubt all of these things are getting worse.
all of which are sometimes we believe, turned into something painful.
don't let it beat you down, because if so, it would every bad
prepare for the worst prepare for the worst prepare for the worst
I do not know how many times I have to warn you.
life has taught me all the things to prepare before it is too late

I was thinking that i'm being myself no more
How could I become something that I hate the most
It could be worse, not sure how but it could be
I realize that I have be someone I supposed to be

Now I wondering i've got something to change
I promise myself if I could then I would
Nothing to regret and nothing to lose
I'm brave enough to take the risk for my life

Walk to walk, not talk to talk
So I can become something new
One little step is much better than nothing (nothing to do)
Some people thought we will never make it work
But I know those who thought like that is the people who
lose in their fight with this life

And we're not people like that
We are the chosen one
And we're not people like that
We are the strongest

Destiny is already written
People believe it can not be change
But there's some that we should write by ourselves
Everyone who breath will be surely die
The difference is how we live

Fight everything you hate the most
Face everything you fear the most

Sometime we win
Sometime we learn
Lose wont belong to us
Neither will surrender

Don't be so screwed
Don't be so weak
Life can be tough
But you gotta be tougher

It's something that I never choose but
At the same time something I don't wanna lose

Keep your head up
And Keep your faith
Whatever happen
Just go with the flow
Life has a funny way to bring you down
But we know everything is under control

Keep your head up, whatever happen just go with the flow
Always keep your faith everything is under control

Terlalu naif kah jika kita pikirkan kembali
Tentang hal yang biasa kita sebut dengan “waktu”
Bisakah kita simpulkan hal itu
Siapkah kita gunakan nalar
Tak bermaksud mengguruimu
Tak bermaksud mengajarimu

Tapi, apapun yang kau lakukan
Waktu takan terulang
Apapun yang kau perbuat
Waktu kan tetap berputar

Waktu adalah sang maha sombong
Takan berhenti walau sejenak hanya karena iba padamu
Siapapun kau, apapun alasannya
Ini bukan tentang siapa yang lebih besar,
yang lebih pintar, atau yang sabar
waktu takan peduli, anggap ini sebagai ironi

yang kau putuskan dahulu
itulah yang terjadi kini
keputusan mu dihari ini
tentukan yang terjadi nanti
jadi bijaklah, mulai berpikirlah
gunakanlah nalar sebagai jubah
semua yang terlewati takan pernah bisa kembali
itu pilihanmu!

DESERVE.. (you get what you give)
people choose their death when they choose how to live
don't ask me why, dont ask me how
don't ask me anything because i dont care
i don't care with your problem
i don't care if you are being bane

you, i mean yourself deserve everything you've got
whether it is good or bad, you deserve everything you've got

i never considered that “i'm the lucky one”
one more time and it should be the last, i deserve it!
For everything i did
And for what i'm doing
Furthermore, for everything i'm going to do


If i give you a pen and piece of paper
And i ask you to write the story of your life,
What would you write?
Would it make you proud?
Or you'll be ashamed with the time you've been wasted?

“THE SPEECH” (Refers to Rocky Balboa)
You think i'm kidding when i put “the speech” as the title of this one?
You think i write all these words without references?
Until you know exactly what you feel,
Set your ear and set your mind in clear

Yes, i'll be the last man standing here!
No i don't wanna live on my knees!

He said “the world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's very mean and nasty place”
I couldn't agree more with the phrase that he said
I doubt no more because we felt it and the truth has been spoken clearly straight into your face
In the name of every words he said
You should set your ear and set your mind in clear

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